The Ability of Change in Literature

Literature shows humanitie's desire for change in the ranks or beliefs of authority.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Book Assignment Overveiw

Macbeth(Rya)- Macbeth changes from a dutifully courtier to a murderous, ambitious killer because he hears that he will be king, and doesn't trust fate.

Lord of the Flies(Jordan)-The children that get stuck on the island turn from civilized schoolboys into savages when their surroundings change.

Fahrenheit 451-(Ryan)-Montag changes from a mindless follower into a rebellious book reader( which could be construed as turning savage, because he turns to violence) when his mind is stimulated by books and Clarisse

The Chosen(Katy)- Both Danny and Rueven change. Danny changes from a good Jewish boy into a pale skinned, slightly savage, psychoanalyst. Reuven changes from a mildly good Jewish boy into into a more Orthodox rabbi-wannabe.

A Whole New Mind(Jordan)- This book offers source of help on how to become less left brained and business-like, and more savage.

Poetry (Katy)- Most poems are about change, and represent how people can go from civilized to savage in the blink of an eye.

1984(Ryan)- This book reflects on how it is human nature to always be savage, regardless of our best efforts to become civilized.

Romeo and Juliet(Rya)- This play is a reflection on how love can bring out extremely savage feelings in us.

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