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Literature shows humanitie's desire for change in the ranks or beliefs of authority.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Holy Bigeezerz!

We present really soon. Soon as in one week from Friday. We need to do a few things:

Talk to Mrs. Cornils
Make a quiz
Print poster
Finalize the game plan
Work out the kinks!

Lets set up a timeline ASAP!


Ryad said...

Ryan and I already talked to Ms. Cornills. We have been waiting for you guys to post.

katyj said...

rya and ryan
it is amazing that you guys talked to mrs. cornils, but something that is as important as this is something that you should have tried to tell us on more than the blog. But i really appreciate the effort. What did Mrs. Cornils say? Also, i think that we should urge the kids to tell us when the think one of their classmates is not doing what they should. This makes it more like 1984.
~Everyone have a wonderful day~

Ryad said...

I will have Ryan explain it better but if you read the post below this one that ryan did it explains people we have thought of or asked to be spies.

katyj said...

i am very glad that you and ryan have done this, but honestly, the fact that you did not make more of an attempt to have all of us included on this really annoys me. You should have told me and jordan by email or something, or even have told us that you were going to see mrs. cornils so that we could have come with you.

katyj said...

and there is no second post.

ryanm said...

katy. i was trying to find you the day i told her. i couldnt find you or jordan. im sorry. i told jordan i couldve sworn i told you to. I wasn trying not to include you guys. we made sure that we spoke on your behalf. or, at least as much as we knew. We meant nothing by it. but Mrs. Cornils does like the idea. And, there's no way we will be able to do something like this if we can't act like a group. I'm not talking to anyone in specifics. Because i fall into that category also.
So. We need to find a date that we ALL can go in and talk to Cornils. I'm going to try and email her our blog link, so if something is unnecessary, then take it off.
I dont want to sound like im mad, but let's get it in gear. From now on, all ideas are introduced through blog, okay?