The Ability of Change in Literature

Literature shows humanitie's desire for change in the ranks or beliefs of authority.

Friday, April 25, 2008

How Is The System Broken Down?

Ok ok ok. Ignore the things that i said were the common theme(the last post was really me), and think about this. There is always a system to break down. Think about it...

Macbeth-breaking down the system of throne succession

Lord of the Flies- breaking down the system of the civilized school boy.

Fahrenheit 451- breaking down the system of burning books

The Chosen- breaking down religious and social systems

A Whole New Mind- breaking down the system of a left brained culture

Poetry-breaking down every system ever!

1984- breaking down the system of every government before it, and breaking down the system of the party

Romeo and Juliet- Breaking down the system of social norms, and family feuds


Ryad said...

Yo tengo una idea muy bueno para la thesis! I was buying Romeo and Juliet last night and thought that the thesis should be: Literature shows humanities desire for change in the ranks/beliefs of authority. I think this covers all the basis. Think about it and get back to me.

Ryad said...

Macbeth- Macbeth's desire for power drives him to kill Duncan causing a change in authority.

LOTF- Jack and Ralph in power in seperate groups. Ralph was the origional leader and he wanted to keep the fire going to be saved. But Jack becomes the person leading most of the boys and he wants to hunt and is less occupied with being saved.

Fahrenheit 451 - Mongag was a fireman (authority part) who changes his belief about books (from bad to good)

The Chosen- Rueven and Danny break down the social barrier with Judaism between Hasadics and Othrodox Jews. The fathers of both yourng boys are hesistant at first, but later agree to let the two boys become friends. The struggle of the breaking down of the barrier of these two sects represent the change.

A Whole New Mind- Daniel Pink lays out how to become a more right brained person in comparison to the orthodox left brain thinking of the information age. Pink tells us how to become a right brained person for the upcoming conceptual age.

Poetry- most poems show change (ask smith for a list of poems.

1984- Shows how the beliefs and ranks of society change over the centuries.

Romeo and Juliet- The death of two families children cause them to rethink their outlook on eachother.

Ryad said...


Macbeth- Kennedy assasination: Kennedy was ready to pull out of vietnam and LBJ increased our involvement.

LOTF- Difference between MLK and Malcom X

Fahrenheit 451- Telivision can cause people to focus on reality shows instead of real events on the news.

The Chosen- Young adults are moving away from their parents belief systems.

AWNM- it is modern day

Poetry- Find modern day poems.

1984- Communist and socialist parties only release information that they want the publich to know.

Romeo and Juliet- Defying the parents